CISSP 模擬問題、CISSP 的中問題集


NO.1 Which of the following is the MOST important element of change management
A. Number of changes being made
B. A stakeholder communication
C. Business case justification
D. List of components involved
Answer: C

NO.2 Which of the following is the BEST solution to provide redundancy for telecommunications
A. Ensure that the telecommunications links connect to the network in multiple locations.
B. Provide multiple links from multiple telecommunications vendors.
C. Provide multiple links from the same telecommunications vendor.
D. Ensure that the telecommunications links connect to the network in one location.
Answer: B

CISSP 目的   

NO.3 What security risk does the role-based access approach mitigate MOST effectively?
A. Lack of system administrator activity monitoring
B. Excessive access rights to systems and data
C. Segregation of duties conflicts within business applications
D. Inappropriate access requests
Answer: B

CISSP 体験   

NO.4 Which Hyper Text Markup Language 5 (HTML5) option presents a security challenge for
network data leakage prevention and/or monitoring?
A. Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)
B. WebSockets
C. Web Interface Definition Language (IDL)
D. Document Object Model (DOM) trees
Answer: B

CISSP ミシュレーション   

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試験科目:Certified Information Systems Security Professional
問題と解答:全373問 CISSP 基礎問題集

>> CISSP 基礎問題集

ずっと自分自身を向上させたいあなたは、CISSP 模擬問題を受験する予定があるのですか。もし受験したいなら、試験の準備をどのようにするつもりですか。もしかして、自分に相応しい試験参考書を見つけたのでしょうか。では、どんな参考書は選べる価値を持っていますか。あなたが選んだのは、JPshikenのCISSP 模擬問題ですか。もしそうだったら、もう試験に合格できないなどのことを心配する必要がないのです。