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あなたは短い時間で1Y0-301日本語 認証Pdf資料に合格できるために、我々は多くの時間と労力を投資してあなたにCitrixの1Y0-301日本語 認証Pdf資料を開発しますから、我々の提供する商品はIT認定試験という分野で大好評を得ています。だからこそ、我々はJPshikenの問題集に自信があります。自信があるから、我々は失敗返金ということを承諾します。

1Y0-401 日本語対策問題集の品質を確かめ、この問題集はあなたに合うかどうかを確認することができるように、JPshikenは1Y0-401 日本語対策問題集の一部のダウンロードを無料で提供します。二つのバージョンのどちらでもダウンロードできますから、JPshikenのサイトで検索してダウンロードすることができます。体験してから購入するかどうかを決めてください。そうすると、1Y0-401 日本語対策問題集の品質を知らないままに問題集を購入してから後悔になることを避けることができます。

試験科目:Deploying Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 Solutions (1Y0-301日本語版)
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試験科目:Designing Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 Solutions
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調査、研究を経って、IT職員の月給の増加とジョブのプロモーションはCitrix 1Y0-301日本語 認証Pdf資料と密接な関係があります。給料の増加とジョブのプロモーションを真になるために、JPshikenのCitrix 1Y0-301日本語 認証Pdf資料を勉強しましょう。いつまでも1Y0-301日本語 認証Pdf資料に準備する皆様に便宜を与えるJPshikenは、高品質の試験資料と行き届いたサービスを提供します。


NO.1 CGE has a baseline policy that allows only the client's default printer to be available in the Citrix
Which end-user group requires an exception policy to override this and allow multiple printers to be
available in the Citrix session?
A. Engineers
B. Back Office
C. Executives/Management
D. Research
Answer: B

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NO.2 Why is creating three NetScaler virtual servers configured with the subnets of the three sites
and binded to redirection policies the best design solution?
A. It allows for the expected expansion of remote access usage and provides functionality for future
B. It provides intrasite redundancy in case of appliance failures, while enhancing performance
through an active/active configuration.
C. It protects against WAN failures and connects end users to their home datacenter.
D. It provides redundancy in case of site failures, while optimizing external WAN traffic.
Answer: C

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NO.3 Scenario:
CGE decided to virtualize its infrastructure workloads and provide a virtual solution to all end users.
The infrastructure workloads include Delivery Controllers, StoreFront servers, License Servers, and
Microsoft SQL Servers for databases.
Why is using a maximum of eight XenServer hosts, with daily backups for the infrastructure
workloads and third-party backups for the desktop solution, the best design for the resource pools?
A. It ensures the logical separation of infrastructure and virtual desktop workloads to prevent
interference, and facilitates management and expansion capabilities.
B. It separates infrastructure and virtual desktop workloads according to resource usage
characteristics to avoid conflicts. In addition, it provides critical database services with sufficient
workload-specific resources and failover capabilities.
C. It ensures the logical separation of all workloads and virtual desktops. In addition, the backup
solution reduces the risk of data loss and minimizes downtime.
D. It provides workload flexibility to more efficiently leverage available resources within a resource
pool, and facilitates expansion options. In addition, daily backups create downtime for critical
Answer: C

1Y0-401 合格記   

NO.4 Scenario:
CGE needs to define its management process for desktop image releases. Some groups need a
process for version control that includes thorough testing prior to production.
Why does using Windows Deployment Services and centralizing the volume-activation process help
manage the image versioning process?
A. It enables the use of Multiple Activation Keys (MAKs).
B. It reduces licensing administration.
C. It helps manage version control.
D. It automates the license download process.
Answer: A